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"Some of my new videos were done for showing 3 of their transfers.

They do however give you an idea of the versatility of heat transfers. I even used an Iron to apply one of the transfers. Let me know if they were Worth while for you. Lou"

  1. YouTube - heat transfers
  2. YouTube - Spotpro heat transfer
  3. YouTube - Screen Printed SuperGlitz Heat transfers
  4. YouTube - heat transfer numbers
Lou Robin Marketing -

"Yes, is listed in the thread I linked to above. But they are in Canada, which is a bit too far for me when considering ordering custom transfers. Although, with most of the transfer printers being on the east coast, it might end up being the same amount of time."

Rodney Blackwell
T-Shirt Forums

"Rodney, I would contact, the gang always come correct and work with their clients, I'm sure they can help you regardless of location, great stuff, good prices. I was using silk screen untill I can here and found them... now I swear by plastisol, I have been converted!"


"I am switching from my local silkscreeners (Yucatan, Mexico) to the heat transfer method of printing my shirts. After some online searching, I found where they have been most helpful, going as far as sending me my first sample order to my hotel in Long Beach where I was attending the ISS... BEFORE I had even paid for it! These transfers, hot peel, 4 second wonders, work very well on those pesky stretchy materials.

The ones - hot-peel white transfers for use on dark and colors - ordered specially for stretchy material from work fine and DO NOT CRACK.

I would suggest that you define WHAT you are going to be printing ON, and mention that to the company you are ordering transfers from. - ralf

Good vibes

that i got my latest letters today and like the rest they have all been just perfect, wounderful and have suited my needs beyond words! thank you all so very, very much.

benjamin roman

Thanks, I did get the sample transfers, they were fantastic!

Jon Wye

Runner's World - Name on T-Shirts

"I've bought 'my name' off this website. They're super quick (mine arrived within a week), and there's a huge range of fonts to choose from. They're pretty cheap too. They also sent me some extras, so my name will have a star either side :-) Lettering

It was here within a week - I actually found out about them via the realbuzz website discussion boards (where they personally introduced themselves). They are really nice (even sending extras!) and if you state in your order that you are running the London marathon they should send within a week."

Original Post by: La Futon

Tribe Magazine - T shirt printers in toronto

"...anybody a good recommendation for quality T shirt printing in Toronto. Advice on bulk plain T shirt (high quality) shirts would also be appreciated."
by Northernsoul

Spot Lettering

Original Post by: Booty Bits

Rogers Television - Shop Toronto

"....I watched the Rogers Television Shop Toronto show the other day (the feature about "The Shop For Custom T-Shirts on Queen West"). Wow! Jamie is a knock-out. (jk). She is exactly the same as when I come into the " The Shop " as she is on TV. So friendly and nice and can she make t-shirts. Enjoyed watching the show."

R. Sutton

Young Entrepreneur - Anyone make their own t-shirts ?

"....I need a good supplier of iron-on decals...preferably of band logos... The Who, Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam...etc. Thank you!!!"
by: Provodka

Vintage Decals

I think this will help. I also own a t-shirt heat press. Let me know if you need help."
by: Artdrops

Barnsley Football Org.- Target Transfers

"....Im getting worried again. Anyobody know of any transfer targets?"

Here you go:

Decals Icons

by: Red Fern

Where is my order?

"I ordered 2 sets of the 8'' Rockit 1-15 sets. It has been 2 days, and I have not received my package. Please provide me with some form of tracking information so I may be able to follow up with this. ...because I needed my order shipped ASAP. Thank you very much."

Customer Service:

"humm...yeah sorry, you should of received already. we'll ship it again today overnight fedex for tomorrow delivery.

"I thank you for all your help. You're company does indeed have the best customer service. Thanks again.
-Joshua - San Rafael, CA "

Harford County Health Department USA

"We receive the order and have given them to our participants. I wish to thank again for the wonderful response and service that you have given us. We contacted two other companies and your company came in first for quality, service and most importanly...PRICE!! I managed to save our company a lot of money! Thank you again! "

B. Turner

Jet City RollerGirls

"thank you!!! my team loves the logo & their names!!! i've passed your site along to my other teams in my league for their uniforms & we will defintely do a reorder from you in a couple months when we get new uniforms."

Salma Highkick #60 KPM
T Starr


Janet Mays Art Gallery

Janet Mays Art in motion, Watercolours and Acrylics. Janet Mays Sniderman

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